Choose the place for a gallant first meeting

Choose the place for a gallant first meeting

Choose the place for a gallant first meeting

woman-exchange-sms-meeting Felications! You have gone beyond the stage of online chats, SMS, or endless calls. You want to live your relationship to the fullest, to see the person for real for the first time, and to know once and for all if it really is your soul mate. Know that the first date is also important to you and to him or her.

You probably want something unusual for this famous appointment. You find that the classic “restaurant, cinema” too cheesy, and you want to make “good impression … yes, it’s important to make a good impression on the first date.” But here you do not know what kind of place he or she likes? Here are some tips to avoid making the wrong choice of restaurant, or place for the famous meeting.

Before choosing a place you need to know a little more about the person, his tastes, his dreams, his desires, his personality, his hobbies, his favorite sports etc… This information will allow you to choose the place of the meeting and at the same time impress. Otherwise spend a little more time on the dating site to get to know the person better, a little patient will only turn to your advantage.

The restaurant is a great place to meet and chat quietly, although it is too classic. However the restaurants remain the most suitable for a first meeting, where you could use your charm without too much fatigue on your stories being too funny or your life too dramatic. The restaurant is always a romantic place, but you need to know your guest’s favorite dishes to make the right choice. If he (or she) has already eaten before the meeting, a coffee bar will do well, since the atmosphere is almost the same.

Amusement parks are also a good idea to meet. If you are shy by nature, the festive atmosphere of these places will hide some of your shyness (manage his shyness during a meeting). You’ll both feel at home in these places, and you’ll discover your shared passions while having fun.


The beach is both a public and romantic place, if you live on the coast, it is a beautiful place to meet for a first meeting. The waves will make you feel more romantic than ever, sometimes make you nostalgic. You can run together in the sands, play together in the water. These little games on the beach will only bring you even closer. You’ll probably finish the evening hand in hand.

Wherever you go for your first date, know that it must be tailored to your two personalities. In addition to your seduction games, be attentive and caring for her, as women like to feel loved. Remember that the first meeting is very important, if it is successful, it will be a pleasant memory for women, if it is missed it will reproach you every time there is an opportunity to do so, and the rest of your relationship may cut short.

Above all, avoid places that are too intimate for a first meeting, such as at home or at home, it will only increase the discomfort associated with the stress of the first appointment. Look for a public place, a place where there is joy, like carnivals, cinema. And always keep in mind to use the little thing he or she likes about you, without doing too much.

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